"Meg is a master teacher -- very thoughtful about how she sets up the space for each person and all of the things that she brings for us so we can play. She's so patient and encouraging. Really kind to folks who are insecure and a great cheerleader to any and all artistic adventures. She has deep respect for the art she is teaching and for all of the students. I know I'm in good hands with her." 

 J. Cohen Fort Myers, FL

"Oh Meg, you are simply inspirational !! Your creativity and your sense of fun  really turned my negative outlook upside down. Your art is thrilling and I can’t wait til the Zentangle class! Again, a million thanks - can’t wait to try all the new ideas I learned from you ! Xx "

Jo Browing Bonita Springs,  FL

"I have very much enjoyed all the classes I have taken , I considered myself not artistic at all but Meg made me realize that, that statement was not true and with her teachings I have produced some lovely things and will go on to undertake these skills at home and have more confidence to do other projects. Great job, Meg!" 

Val Lane   Gloucestershire, UK 

"Once again Meg provided an entertaining and informative class. I had a great time and appreciate Meg's willingness to share these fun art projects with us."

Carolyn R.  Chicago, IL

"Meg's paper flower class was so much fun! We had a blast decorating our flowers with all of the materials that Meg brought for us and we delighted in each other's ideas and creativity." 

J. Cohen Fort Myers, FL

"I had a great time, Meg.  You are a great teacher.  Showed us some techniques and how to apply them, offered suggestions.  It was very worthwhile and informative.

Gail Miesner  Fort Myers, FL

"Thank you for the Zentangle class today. I came home and tried some more designs. I know this is going to  be fun. You are a great teacher. I learned a lot." 

Linda  Estero, FL 

"I had dabbled in Zentangle a little and enjoyed it.  Then I had a knee replaced.  On a whim, I took some Zentangle supplies to the hospital with me, and then on the 11-hour car trip to evacuate from Hurricane Irma.  To my surprise, when I was engaged in drawing the Zentangle designs, I was less aware of pain.  I have tried to draw regularly since seems to calm and occupy the portion of my mind that would otherwise be noticing discomfort and pain, or simply the little worries that occur every day.  I highly recommend it.  You don't even have to think you can works!" 

 J. Patton,  Fort Myers, FL

"Thanks again for your expert training.  Very interesting and creative.  Excited to begin our collection of shell art. I received the PDF, have printed copies for my sis, Juli & me.  It’s well done and the pictures are exceptional. Thank you." 

Linda S. Fort Myers, FL


"Meg, I was totally Impressed with your presentation. I have lots of plans just from your inspiration and kindness." 

Steve R. Fort Myers, FL

"It was a pleasure working with you!  I love the pics!

I really enjoyed the class! Everyone I spoke with really enjoyed the class as well and is interested in doing more Zentangle.  Thank you so much for leading the workshop for the Festival!  I look forward to keeping in touch and sharing your events with my contacts."

Angela Sanders, Founder, Mindful Mindz  Naples, FL

"I took a beginner's course in Zentangle with four friends in May 2015.  I am hooked!! It is a perfect way to express creativity in art. As Meg  says,' there are no mistakes'. You find yourself totally focused and in the NOW, total stress reduction. Meg is an artist, an excellent teacher with great teaching skills. I highly recommend the course." 

Priscilla Tanzi, FL  

"Hi Meg,  Loving ZENTANGLE!  It's addictive!! I must  admit I am not following the rules exactly. I find myself wandering away  from my tangles, and next thing I know I am wandering back, filling in more! Can't wait to see you on the 12th for another session. Great teacher, great class!!"  

Bette Rom,  FL   

"Meg is wonderful, well prepared with all of the provided supplies, many finished examples and a wonderful and non-pressuring style. We all wanted more time. Good choice." 

Alliance for the Arts Better than Bow class review, anonymous  

"Meg, You are really the complete package with the training--knowledgeable, happy, centered and easy to understand".  

Connie Norton, North Fort Myers, FL  

"Meg Scott is an inspiring teacher! Her skill is amazing! She gives  personal one-on-one attention to each student. Excellent class. I highly  recommend Meg!" 

Melinda Hope CZT-7 Sanibel, FL  

"Meg is a very  enthusiastic, encouraging teacher who gave us not only tangle patterns and instructions, but also inspiration and desire to pursue this  technique further.  The combination of a very reasonable cost, great  environment, and Meg's knowledge, bubbly personality, and superb teaching style made this a very worthwhile afternoon".   Marjorie Wilhelm   OH  

"Thanks Meg for such a lovely shell painting class yesterday. I enjoyed it very much. Keep up your great work and hope to see you soon."  

Monica H. Fort Myers, FL

"I  SOOOO enjoyed last night's Zentangle class and am looking forward to next week. Thanks." 

Christina B.   Fort Myers, FL

"Just wanted to thank you for teaching me the art of shell painting. I reviewed the PDF and found it very informative and will try this art with my family.  I plan on taking additional classes next year. You are an excellent teacher and very patient. What a nice way to spend an afternoon😊"

Dee S.   Pittsburgh, PA and Fort Myers, FL