Experience Zentangle® and more

You can draw!


Surprise yourself!

Unleash your inner artist. Suitable for all skill levels. Zentangle® is an easy, fun and stress-free method of drawing beautiful images by drawing structured patterns. Patterns can be transformed, combined, altered and repeated to make unlimited designs. 

One Stroke at a Time®


You can't fail. 

If you can draw the letters  i,C,S, and O, you can "tangle". This practice will teach you how to draw fascinating designs or improve your existing drawing skills. 

Also a fun warm up for artists. 




Enjoy drawing effortlessly.
You will never run out of designs and ideas to draw. There are hundreds of patterns to choose from or design your own. 



Zentangle is meditative, boosts artistic confidence, helps with hand-eye coordination and is a fun brain exercise. Once you learn Zentangle, you'll never see the world exactly the same. 

Share the big news


Take a class at the local art centers. Join your friends and host your own class in your home or facility. Once you take the basic introduction, there is a lot  more to explore. Share this with your club or organization. Contact The Create Escape to receive email updates or schedule a class. 

Zentangle is only the beginning


Zentangle® can lead to other possibilities.
Scroll down to view a variety of Zentangle related classes and more.   

Basic Zentangle® Classes

Zentangle Intro


Experience Zentangle, an easy-to-learn, step-by-step method of drawing beautiful, playful patterns that can be altered, combined or repeated to create amazing designs. Zentangle soothes the mind, 
promotes creativity and 

boosts artistic confidence. 

Suitable for all skill levels.  

All materials are included.


Zentangle Basics and Beyond


 Zentangle is easy, fun, stress-free and meditative. Learn everything you need to create beautiful designs that can be combined, altered or repeated. Boost your artistic confidence. During this class, take Zentangle to the next step; Z.I.A. (Zentangle Inspired Art).  Learn the basics in the first class. During the next three weeks, we'll explore Zendalas, colored gel pens on black paper and a 3-D pyramid.
No prerequisite.
All materials are provided. 



Relax while you design and color a round "Zendala."  This lesson is designed for anyone who has taken the Zentangle Intro or Zentangle Basics and Beyond.  
Learn several new Zentangle patterns.  
All materials are provided.   

Classes Inspired by Zentangle

New! Acrylic Coasters


These heavy-duty acrylic coasters snap together to hold a 3.5" Zentangle® paper tile. They are equipped with tiny but powerful magnets to display your work on a fridge or other metal surfaces. Starting with stencils, students will divide the outline and fill in the areas with exciting patterns. Coloring is optional. No prior Zentangle lessons required. All materials are provided including 4 coasters.

Paint n' Shells


Transform local seashells into beautiful treasures. Learn my easy step-by-step method of decorating seashells using a variety of paints, pens, glitter and more. Brighten someone's day with a colorful gift from the sea. Incorporate this decorating method in other art projects. No prior experience needed. All materials are provided including a PDF shell painting manual.

Zen Gems


Amaze your friends! This is easier than it looks. No prior Zentangle classes needed. Learn how to enhance  your Zentangle designs with this easy step-by-step method of creating beautiful lifelike gems using colored pencils. Then create a small  metal pendant using one of your gems. All materials are provided.

Wait, there's more...

New! Funtastical Paper Flowers


Join your friends for this whimsical origami flower event. Create the perfect handmade gift or captivating centerpiece for any occasion. Choose from a variety of colored papers, colored tape, pipe cleaners, wire, craft gems and more to embellish your flowers. 

No prior training needed.  

All materials are provided. 

New! Better Than Bows


Learn an easy-to-master layering technique to create beautiful gift bags and decorative boxes with a multitude of papers and other embellishments. No prerequisite.
Supplies and gift bags are provided.   

Host or customize a class


 Contact The Create Escape 

to talk about hosting or 

creating custom art activities in 

Southwest Florida.   






Tap into your intuition. Let the freedom of your creative spirit guide you in creating a 3D collage using a wide variety of materials and found objects. Create a statement, affirmation, memory box, personalized gift or just watch where this art form takes you. 




Find your muse! In this series of four classes you will explore a wide variety of materials. The focus will be on learning tips, tricks and techniques to add to your artistic repertoire.  The last week, we will create a collage highlighting the techniques learned in class. 

All materials included.